Proposed Bylaws Amendments 2020

The Rules and Resolutions Committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing amendments to the CMAA Bylaws. The Bylaws were amended in 2016 to make technical corrections. 

In 2018 in the wake of a Director’s resignation from the Board, it became clear that reviewing the Bylaws again was in the best interests of the association. The Executive Committee charged the Rules and Resolutions Committee with proposing amendments that would not only address the issues raised by the resignation but also to identify changes that would improve CMAA’s governance processes. 

In the course of considering a number of amendments, the Rules and Resolutions Committee sought input from the full Board on several topics during their meetings on March 30, September 25, and December 4. 

The committee also sought the input of the CMAA College of Fellows.

Overall, the committee has proposed amendments that would

  • Make the CMAA Bylaws a document focused on the governance structure of the organization and the best interests of CMAA
  • Streamline governance processes
  • Increase opportunity for CMAA leadership succession
  • Provide the association with sufficient flexibility to make programmatic or strategic adjustments without having to amend the Bylaws frequently


Summary of Proposed Amendments
Governance, Streamlining, and Flexibility: A number of amendments are designed to streamline the Bylaws through the following:

  • Removing tactics and operational instructions. These can be captured in other documents. These changes also provide the association with the flexibility to organize and deploy resources (human, financial, or information) to meet strategic objectives and organizational needs without having to amend the Bylaws.
  • Putting all sections related to certain groups together in the same article (e.g., moving the instructions for the nomination of officers from Article IV, Membership Meetings, to Article VI, Officers).
  • Streamlining the process for filling a vacancy among Voting Directors.
  • Removing sections that are no longer practicable (e.g., eliminating the Credential Committee).
  • Organizing articles to have similar structure.

Leadership Succession: Amending eligibility criteria for officers in order to create more opportunity for Directors interested in leadership roles.

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