Committee Charges for FY19

CMAA currently has seven committees comprised of volunteer leaders. Learn more about the specific committees and their charges for FY19 below.

Professional Development Committee FY19 Charges:
Develop conference educational programs. Provide continuing and periodic forums for the exchange of experience, information, and ideas among members. The committee shall be responsible for identifying needs and providing ongoing educational programs to keep members informed on issues relating to the management of the construction process.

Membership/Marketing Committee FY19 Charges:
To identify prospective members and develop relationships within those organizations. Recruit new members and steward existing members while leveraging relationships to solidify connection to CMAA.

Standards of Practice Committee FY19 Charges:
To review the need for publications and to provide a review of the manuals and publications issued by the Association.

Regional Chapters Committee FY19 Charges:
Serve as mentors to current chapter leaders and as judges for the Chapter of the Year Awards. Assist in identifying content for delivery at the Chapter Leader Meetings.

Creating Opportunities for Diversity & Equality (CODE) Committee FY19 Charges:
Promote an open and inclusive culture at CMAA, specifically by helping to identify programs, speakers, and under-represented groups for exposure during national conferences.

Government Advocacy Committee FY19 Charges:
Monitor U.S. jurisdictions for possible legislation or regulatory activity regarding licensing/registration of construction management. Monitor U.S. jurisdictions for legislation/regulation affecting construction management services on state or local projects. Monitor FAR and DFAR for proposed changes/revisions affecting construction management services to the federal government. Serve as advocates on these or related topics as requested.

Nominating Committee FY19 Charges:
Identify a slate of candidates for the general membership to approve for vacancies on the Board of Directors.