2018 Webinar_How Killer Contract Clauses Lead to Project Failure

Thursday, October 4
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Not all contracts set the foundation for project success. Unfair contracts with killer clauses raise project prices up to 20%. Learn how to identify and neutralize some of top killer clauses. Instead, learn how to leverage contract best practices that 40 leading construction associations, including owner groups CURT, COAA, and NASFA have come together to publish in ConsensusDocs contracts. Learn why proper risk allocation that places the party in the best position to manage and mitigate risk yields should be allocated that risk. Gain an overview of ConsensusDocs contracts and learn distinguishing advantages as compared to other contracts commonly used in the industry. Learn how contracts help determine a CM’s role in communications, sharing information, and contract administration based upon the terms and structure of the construction contracts. 

About the speaker:

Brian Perlberg is a nationally recognized construction law attorney who has the honor to serve as Executive Director and Senior Counsel for ConsensusDocs, a diverse coalition of leading construction associations producing best practice standard construction contracts. Nationally recognized expert in advancing the A/E/C industry in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), LEAN tools, Green Building, and federal contracting. I am recognized legal expert in contracts, construction law, risk management, and project delivery methods. As CEO of ConsensusDocs from creation to its 10-year milestone, our efforts have established a track record of superior results with less litigation and claims and better construction project results.

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