CMAA Product Demo- Finding PMs is Hard, Making them Effective Doesn’t Have to Be

Tuesday, February 7
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Everyone knows it is getting harder to recruit and hire Project Managers with the appropriate level of experience and knowledge to be effective from day one on your projects. What are some of the reasons they might not be effective day one?

  1. Project structures are getting complicated. Project Managers now need to understand how to make the right financial, contractual, program, and reputational decisions.
  2. Project Managers are often forced to use existing Excel and Word templates to track cost, schedule, and risk information… or worse, they need to create their own spreadsheet templates from scratch!
  3. Project Managers don’t have the luxury of having a mentor available to help them get started… because all the existing Project Managers are overextended and don’t have time to help the newly hired employee.

So, what can you do to make your Project Managers effective as quickly as possible?

  1. Provide easy-to-use software that ensures proper governance is followed as they do their daily work.
  2. Give them the ability to focus on conducting analysis of available information and making decisions vs manually creating and formatting client-facing reports.
  3. Provide a solution they can learn to use in hours vs weeks or months.

It may sound daunting to start making a move, but we are giving you the specifics of such a system in this demonstration. Sign up now to learn more!


Doug Vincent - Founder and CEO, Mastt

Aaron Wigley - Senior Project Manager, Arrow Projects Pty Ltd.

*Please note, product demos do not offer CCM Renewal Points or Professional Development Hours.

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