CMAA Product Demo – Step Into the Future with FlowForma Process Automation

Tuesday, July 19
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Process Automation has been hailed as the future of construction, yet many construction organizations have failed to adopt these technologies. This year, it is now the case of “do or die”. Automation in construction is designed to produce higher production rates, improve project delivery times, create better health and safety measures, and reduce overheads on projects. Join Gerard Newman, CTO at FlowForma, and Paul Stone, Product Strategist at FlowForma, as they discuss the future of construction.

Join this product demo to:

  1. See a short demonstration of the award-winning 100% no code, FlowForma Process Automation tool.
  2. Hear common process challenges, and gain advice and tips from our experts.
  3. Get exclusive access to the FlowForma Trial Environment including the process built during the live workshop and additional process accelerators.


Gerard Newman - CTO, FlowForma

Paul Stone - Product Strategist, FlowForma

*Please note, product demos do not offer CCM Renewal Points or Professional Development Hours.

Product Demo Registration - 7/19/22
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