The Five Steps for Career Success: Part 3

Thursday, July 13
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Do you need a little guidance and direction in achieving your career goals? Then this webinar is for you! You will have the opportunity to participate in a series of three webinars that will refocus you on your career. During this process, you will become more self-aware of what strengths you are bringing to your careers, determine where and how you may want to change, identify areas of intense focus for yourself, the outcomes you desire, what commitments you need to make and finally, who is it you really want to be…and the character needed to accomplish it.

Rebecca Jones, founder and chair of the Board of Directors for SafeworkCM discovered these five secrets to success, and wants to share them with construction managers like you. Join Rebecca for an insightful journey of self-reflection that can change the course of your professional life.  

About the speaker:

Rebecca Jones - Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors for SafeworkCM

Rebecca has over 30 years of experience in management leadership. Her diverse and broad experience includes business administration and development, as well as construction and project management including resource planning, staffing, finance, and safety. Rebecca is a true entrepreneur who founded SafeworkCM and has led the company to success, by using her unique brand of effective organizational development, solid business planning and innovative marketing techniques. The development of a service approach to construction management and long lasting business relationships have been her key focus since the company begin in 1992.


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