How AI Can Help You Manage Construction Performance

Thursday, August 8
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

With over 90% of construction management professionals saying that one or more full-time employees are needed for collecting data and reporting for a project without any analysis and insights, it’s no wonder artificial intelligence is being used by organizations to enhance construction performance. We’ve evolved from a clipboard, then to a laptop, and now to mobile devices to collect information. Yet you’re still manually punching it into a log, only the device changed. Now artificial intelligence can help you focus on the valuable tasks by automatically capturing events, collecting data, generating reports, sending alerts, and providing prescriptive guidance for your projects.

Join us for an engaging presentation, during which Art Pazdan and Kaivan Entezarmahdi from, Inc. will share their experiences using artificial intelligence at various construction sites across the country. During this webinar, you will also learn how artificial intelligence can help you:

  • Reduce schedule delay risks
  • Decrease site management time
  • Identify safety hazards and violations
  • Optimize production execution 
  • Track real-time construction status and trade productivity 
  • Automate data collection and report generation

Attendees will also receive a spreadsheet template that can be used to identify project gaps that an artificial intelligence platform can help fill. This webinar will be useful for anyone in the development or construction industry and particularly valuable for those in project management.


About the speakers:

Arthur Pazdan, PE, is Vice President of Customer Success at and leads AI initiatives to monitor and boost efficiency, safety and productivity of many construction and prefab projects across the globe.  In a previous life, Art built mega-infrastructure projects around the globe.

Kaivan Entezarmahdi, PE, is a Construction AI Specialist at, and previously was a regional manager at PlanGrid.  In his pre-tech life, Kaivan built civil works across the Western US.


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