How to Master the Art of Public Speaking in Presentations

Thursday, April 9
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

How do we present information in a way that gets our audience EXCITED to share our ideas to the world? How do the best speakers in the world design presentations for maximum effect? In this webinar, we’ll be discussing the beautiful art of communication and provide tangible tips and tricks so you can not only showcase your work, but present them in such a riveting way that your organization and project team is bought into what you’re saying and understands its value.


By attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

•    Implement strategies to practice communication daily that easily integrates in your day-to-day life to any area of life or industry.

•    Change how you perceive communication mastery from very difficult to a clear set of steps towards strong progression.

•    Explore an elite presenter’s mindset and how world class presenters prepare for presentations.


About the speaker:

Brenden Kumarasamy - Founder of Mastertalk


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Professional Development Hours (PDH): 1

AIA Learning Units (LU): 1

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