Top 10 Design Issues: Reputation Ruiners

Thursday, November 30
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Design issues in the construction industry can linger and lead to costly RFIs, change orders, and project delays. This webinar will explore how custom design review solutions can combine expert analysis and construction experience with proprietary algorithms, scripts, and Revit plug-ins built in Dynamo, Python, and C# to identify and analyze common disruptors that cause major challenges during construction. Learn how a semi-automated approach can augment current design review processes for producing high-quality, coordinated, and code compliant design documents leading to improved construction outcomes. Attendees will learn the benefits of implementing technology-based solutions to check for common design issues and eliminate these reputation ruiners.


Brian Krause – Founder & Managing Director at Coda, LLC

Kayla N. Morales – Senior Associate at Coda, LLC

Saurabh S. Gangwar – Director at Coda, LLC

Sonali Wadhwa, Ph.D. – Senior Associate at Coda, LLC

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