Train-the-Trainer, Boston

Friday, March 29 - Saturday, March 30
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Train-the-Trainer includes both an online portion and in-person portion.


Instructor Training: You do not need to view the entire Course recording or even an entire section. Recordings are provided to give you an idea of how past presenters have taught.

Additional references include Adult Education Toolkit, Leaning Styles of 4 Modalities, and presentation PowerPoints.


We will start Friday at 1pm with introductions and discussion, go over how the PowerPoint slides are set up, and everyone will have the opportunity to present a portion of one of the course sections. These presentations will be recorded and then played back for constructive feedback. Presentations/feedback will continue Saturday morning.


The course will conclude with 2 names being picked out of a hat to teach the last section of the PCM Course.

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