The Unspoken Truth of Proposal Strategy

Thursday, June 20
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

How much of a factor is price in an RFP? What are owners really asking for? How do owners review responses to a solicitation? Is best value really best value?

Even though we’ve submitted many proposals, these key questions still seem to linger. In this webinar, Matt Handal will help you understand what’s really going on behind the curtains of the procurement game. He’ll explain why we need to think about proposal strategy differently, and will detail the six strategy elements that need to be considered in every submission.

By attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Use four puzzle pieces to understand the game being played in any procurement.
  • Apply the Best Value Pricing Rules to make sure your price is within reasonable competitive limits in any situation.
  • Submit proposals that combat the common RFP requirements/scoring disconnect.

About the speaker:

Matt Handal was a marketer submitting boilerplate proposals and materials that were indistinguishable from his competitors. He had no idea how to convince new clients to buy his firm’s services, and worst of all, nobody would listen to him.

One day, he stumbled upon some academic research on how people really make decisions. Since then, he’s helped firms beat incumbents, secured sole-source contracts from government clients, written one of the most popular books about proposal writing, and people even fly him across the country to teach them how to apply Mind Marketing to their business.


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