According to the Centers for Disease Prevention, construction occupations have the highest rate of suicide, as well as the highest number of suicides across all occupational groups. To combat these statistics, construction firms, contractors, unions, associations, industry service providers, and project owners are working together to stand up for suicide prevention. CMAA has added our support to this cause.

Several organizations have information available and others have developed numerous “sample safety and health  programs” for construction industry use. These sample safety programs are intended as a general guide and template to allow construction managers to customize programs that suit their company policies and procedures.

Additionally, the inaugural Construction Inclusion Week is October 18 - 22, 2021. We encourage you to consider participating. Those who do send a strong message within your organization and throughout our industry, demonstrating that you are ready to create a future of improved possibilities. Like Safety Week, participating firms will have access to materials and resources to bring awareness to diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts for jobsites, teams, and companies.

Check out these websites for the information mentioned above and much more: