Bruce D’Agostino Owner Outreach Award

Selection Guidelines

The Bruce D’Agostino Owner Outreach Award, formerly the Owner Education Award, recognizes demonstrated leadership by individuals or organizations in raising the bar of owner professionalism in the construction management industry. This award recognizes service provider or owner members who have educated or engaged owner organizations in a way that promotes the construction management profession and the use of qualified construction managers.


  • Nominees must be CMAA members in good standing.
  • Organizational nominees must include at least one CMAA member in good standing who was involved in the outreach effort described in the nomination package.
  • Recipients may not be a serving member of the Association’s Board of Directors or Board of Governors.


Nominees will have engaged in outreach that falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Facilitated a CMAA knowledge transfer directly to an owner organization, either through teaching customized classes, providing educational tools, or distributing information about best practices and innovations in the construction management profession.
  • Demonstrated leadership in a CMAA initiative aimed at owners, either at the local Chapter or National level.
  • Promoted the Certified Construction Manager credential within the owner organization or as an indication of professionalism in contracted CM firms.
  • Contributed toward CMAA’s knowledge about owners, to refine CMAA programs, or provide them with better service.

Nominations Process

  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves, but can be nominated by any CMAA member, chapter, or committee.
  • Organizations can be nominated by any CMAA member, including those employed by the nominated organization, as the honor is meant to reflect on the whole, rather than an individual. Association officers of the Board of Directors and Board of Governors cannot nominate their own organizations, but organizations that employ sitting officers may be nominated by others. Organizations who have previously received this award are eligible to receive it again, but for different outreach efforts not reflected in prior nomination/award.
  • For individual nominees, the nominations packet must include a full bio or resume, a high-resolution headshot, and the reasons for the nomination, which should, at the minimum, address the criteria mentioned above.
  • For organizational nominees, the nominations packet must include an organization profile, either a highresolution photo of the outreach team or a representational photo for the organization, and the reasons for the nomination, which should, at the minimum, address the criteria mentioned above.
  • Nominations are now closed and will reopen in May 2019.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of members of CMAA’s Executive Committee. If an Executive Committee member is employed by an organization nominated for this award, the member will be excused from any and all discussions pertaining to this award. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Selection Committee will provide CMAA’s Chair and President & CEO with a recommendation. Upon selection, CMAA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen individual will be honored at CMAA’s National Conference in the fall.