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Whether you are preparing for the CCM exam or would just like to keep your construction management skills sharp, these online resources will help.Autodesk Sponsor of CMAA eLearning

  • Please note, the CCM exam not only includes CMAA source material, but also contains material and questions on a variety of general construction management subjects. Please review the CCM Handbook, available in Applicant Resources, for information about the exam and exam prep recommendations.
  • Once purchased, these resources can be accessed via My Account > My Content > My Courses.
  • Please note, if you are registering for the in-person, virtual, or online Professional CM Course, the CCM Practice Exam and CM eGlossary are included in the registration fee.

CCM Practice Exam

The CCM Practice Exam was developed to provide a sample of the construction management (CM) subject matter and topics that you may encounter when taking the CCM Certification Exam. Note that the CCM exam not only includes CMAA source material, but it...

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CM eGlossary

These online, interactive flash cards include key terms and CMAA definitions from the construction management body of knowledge. They are designed for those wanting to review key CM terminology, and provide an additional resource for those studying...