Industry Honors Individual Recognition Awards

Person of the Year

The Person of the Year Award is given annually to an industry leader who has made significant contributions on behalf of the construction management industry. This industry advocate possesses unparalleled leadership, high quality workmanship, and has an outstanding record of accomplishment. The 2019 CMAA Person of the Year was awarded to Linda M. Phillips, CCM, U.S. General Services Administration (retired).

Previous Person of the Year winners include:

2018 - Sam Sleiman
2017 - Antoinette Turnquist
2016 - Thella Bowens
2015 - Mark Webb
2014 - Richard Sage
2013 - Richard A. Davey
2012 - Bill Lacher
2011 - The New York City Construction Industry working on Ground Zero site
2010 - Charlie Thornton
2009 - Gov. Ed Rendell
2008 - George Lea
2007 - Jeff Dailey
2006 - James T. Ruddell
2005 - James A. McConnell, Jr.
2004 - Mysore L. Nagaraja and Richard D. Thorpe
2003 - Robert C. Hixon, Jr.
2002 - Walker Lee Evey
2001 - Christopher Gordon

Distinguished Owner Award

The CMAA Distinguished Owner Award recognizes an owner member who understands the value of a professional Construction Manager (CM) on the job and whose consistent actions, with a demonstrated record over a number of years, have made meaningful/extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the construction management profession, such as mentoring, advocating, promoting, and selecting professional CMs.

Leader in Sustainability

The CMAA Leader in Sustainability Award recognizes individuals for outstanding leadership in innovation or best practices in sustainability in the construction management industry.

Educator of the Year

The CMAA Educator of the Year Award emphasizes excellence in teaching. The award recognizes and celebrates a full-time educator for outstanding professional accomplishments and a commitment to construction management education.

Distinguished Young Professional Award

The Distinguished Young Professional Award recognizes and celebrates a full-time professional for outstanding professional accomplishments and a commitment to the construction management industry early in his/her career.

Chair's Award for Diversity and Inclusion

The CMAA Chair's Award for Diversity and Inclusion recognizes a CMAA member or member firm (owner or service provider) with a demonstrated commitment to equity, inclusion, social justice, or community and social responsibility and a record of acting on that commitment. This commitment is not limited to a single project or the practice of construction management and may be expressed in any area of the nominee’s life or work.

Mehdi Heydari CCM of the Year 

The Mehdi Heydari CCM of the Year award recognizes a CCM who demonstrates exceptional achievement, high professional standards, community involvement and contributions to the construction management profession.