Individual Membership

Service Provider Individual Membership

CM Practitioner
Individual Membership for construction management/program management or person employed by a construction services firm without a corporate membership. $380/year.

Additional Corporate
Add-on membership for Large, Mid-Sized, and Small Corporations (organization must have a corporate membership to be eligible). $140/year.

Early Career Professional  
Individuals under the age of 28 who provide or support construction management Services. $140/year.

Sole Proprietor
Self-employed individual engaged in construction management/program management. $490/year.

Owner Individual Membership

Owner Individual
Individual joining from an organization that owns the capital construction programs/projects and utilizes (not provides) construction management services, either in-house or outsourced. $130/year.

Additional Owner
Add-on membership for Large, Mid-Sized, and Owner (organization must have a membership to be eligible). $130/year.

Academic Individual Membership

Full-time teaching faculty in a construction management-related degree program at an accredited college/university. $140/year.

Full-time college or university student interested in a career in construction management. $0/year.

Associate Individual Membership

Additional Associate
Individual joining from an organization that does not practice construction management services, but does provide services related to the construction management industry. Organization must have an Associate Membership to be eligible. $140/year.

Additional Individual Memberships

Eligible for recent graduates and individuals in between employment. May not be employed by an organization in the construction industry. (one calendar year/non-renewable). $55/year.

Individual who is not currently employed but would like to maintain membership to stay connected and updated on industry information. $55/year.

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