In 2013, CMAA was accepted as a member society of ABET, the preeminent organization accrediting undergraduate and graduate education programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology fields. CMAA was recruited to ABET to be the lead society for the accreditation of construction management programs by several academic institutions who felt their construction management programs needed a dedicated, distinct accreditation option.

By helping to ensure that undergraduate construction management education effectively prepares students to enter the profession, ABET significantly compliments CMAA’s mission and vision. The quality of tomorrow’s professional workforce is among the most frequently cited concerns in the construction management industry. Accrediting construction management programs assures industry employers that entry level job candidates have met the basic educational requirements of the profession. It also provides students specifically interested in construction management careers with a way to assess construction management programs they are considering. Moreover, both CMAA and ABET are delivery-system neutral, advancing professionalism regardless of specific delivery methods.

Accreditation demonstrates international recognition of the quality of an academic program. It promotes best practices and involves faculty and staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement. For details about the process and scope of ABET accreditation, please visit their informational website.

Individuals can become involved in the construction management accreditation process as ABET program evaluators. CMAA prefers to work with Certified Construction Managers (CCMs) as program evaluators and CCM recertification points are available for this service. Contact CMAA or ABET for additional details. Construction management programs can obtain more information about becoming accredited at the ABET website.