Construction Manager-in-Training Program

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What is a CMIT?

The Construction Manager-in-Training (CMIT®) stackable credentials are professional credentials that focus on the fundamentals of construction management practice and offer a professional development pathway for construction professionals to learn how to become a competent, successful Construction Manager (CM).

The CMIT program is intended and encouraged for the following persons:

  • Early career professionals focused on becoming a professional CM.
  • Mid-career professionals looking for a pathway to grow in their CM careers.
  • Soon-to-be and recent graduates looking to begin their CM career.  

How does the CMIT Program Work?

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*Experience in each of the functional practice areas of CM is defined as time spent working in that professional discipline. There is no CMIT requirement for this experience to be as responsible in-charge (RIC). For more on RIC, please see the CCM Application Handbook.

The CMIT stackable credentials program is divided into 4 sequential levels, with each level demonstrating a credential holder’s growing professional competence and experience in CM.  To earn a CMIT level, a candidate must meet all the requirements at that level and any previous levels. Each level is cumulative and must be completed in order. Applicants who pass the examination earn each CMIT designation for seven (7) years and will receive more information about how to identify and work with a Mentor.

The CMIT program begins with the CMIT designation, which demonstrates competence in the practice of construction management early in an individual’s career.

CMIT Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 are extensions of the CMIT certificate and demonstrate a professional’s growing competence and experience in the functional areas of construction management as they move forward in their career as a CM. Each level allows the credential holder to show their supervisor that they are progressing and continuing their growth in the field of construction management.

CMIT Candidates who wish to appeal concerning eligiblity or execution/accuracy of the exams are required to submit a complete CMCI Appeals Form. Appellants agree to adhere to CMCI's Appeals Agreement

Why Become a CMIT?

  • Show supervisors, clients, and peers that you are committed to acquiring the knowledge and capabilities to become a professional, practicing construction manager by achieving the CMIT certificate and digital badge.
  • Increase awareness of the Body of Knowledge and principles represented by Certified Construction Managers® (CCM®) and professional construction managers.
  • Connect with other CMITs and CCM Mentors* to build your professional network.
  • Utilize the CMIT program as the entry way toward CMIT Levels 2, 3, and 4 as well as develop your plan to become a CCM.

*The Mentor-Protégé Relationship is an on-going and key aspect of the CMIT program. Mentors provide CMITs guidance and support to ensure CMITs are on the right track to obtain the project experience needed to qualify for CCM certification. Mentors and protégés create and manage development plans.