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What is a CMIT?

The Construction Manager-in-Training (CMIT®) Program is a starting point to help develop a successful career in the construction management industry. The CMIT is a professional credential recognizing the basic and fundamentals of construction management practices, demonstrated by those who have displayed high educational achievement and the desire to learn how to become competent, successful Construction Managers (CMs). Download the CMIT Handbook for more details about becoming a CMIT.

Why Become a CMIT?

  • Show supervisors, clients, and peers that you are committed to acquiring the knowledge and capabilities to become a professional, practicing construction manager by achieving the CMIT certificate and digital badge.
  • Increase awareness of the Body of Knowledge and principles represented by Certified Construction Managers® (CCM®) and professional construction managers.
  • Connect with other CMITs and CCM Mentors to build your professional network.
  • Utilize the CMIT program as the entry way toward stackable credentials and develop your plan to become a CCM.

How does the CMIT Program Work?

The CMIT program has three phases: The Capstone Assessment, Mentor-Protégé Relationship, and the stackable credentials program.


The Capstone Assessment component of the program lays the foundation of knowledge and instills an understanding of the history of construction management practices and procedures. Candidates are required to read the Capstone publication and complete the online assessment. When a passing grade is achieved, candidates earn the CMIT designation and are enrolled in the CMIT Program.


The Mentor-Protégé Relationship is an on-going and key aspect of the CMIT program. Mentors provide CMITs guidance and support to ensure CMITs are on the right track to obtain the project experience needed to qualify for CCM certification. Mentors and protégés create and manage development plans.


Coming soon: Once you achieve your CMIT, you may progress your professional development by moving to level 1 of the stackable credentials program. The various levels that follow achieving the CMIT allow you to show your supervisor that you are progressing and continue your growth in the field of construction management.

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