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CMCI recommends that you watch the video below to determine if live remote proctoring (LRP) is appropriate for the candidate. Candidates who are looking to take the CCM or CACM exam (either at a physical test center or by LRP) are required to read their application handbook.

Live Remote Proctoring

LRP is a secure testing option in which the candidate takes the CCM or CACM exam using their own computer from their home or office. A trained professional proctor administers the exam to the candidate remotely and monitors the candidate throughout the test.

Candidates who are interested in LRP should first consider the following:

  • You must be alone in a private, quiet, well-lit room on test day;
  • You will not have control of your computer during the exam;
  • You will be recorded for the entire duration of the exam;
  • You must show the proctor the entire room where you are taking the exam;
  • Your computer and connection must meet the minimum requirements;
  • If you lose your connection during the test and have trouble reconnecting, you may be required to reschedule; and
  • You must agree to the LRP Rules and Requirements.

**If the candidateis unable to agree to ALL the above, then theywill need to schedule your exam at one of the physical test centers. Candidates who take the exam at test centers agree to separate CMCI Rules and Requirements.**

Applying for LRP:

Candidates who wish to test using Live Remote Proctoring (LRP) must complete the LRP accommodation request section of the online CCM application or complete the LRP accommodation request form. Accommodation requests for LRP must be accompanied by relevant and valid documentation that supports the claimed reason for accommodation. CMCI applicants can request LRP accommodations for the following reasons:

  • Proximity to testing location (>40 miles): When the testing location is greater than 40 miles from the applicant's home or office.
  • Testing site closures: In the event of unexpected testing site closures
  • Medical conditions: In cases of illness or medical conditions
  • Undue burden or other reasons deemed appropriate by CMCI

CMCI will consider other valid reasons on a case-by-case basis. Evidence can include but is not limited to documentation showing the applicant’s location in relation to the testing center, proof of travel restrictions, documentation of the test site closure, a letter from a healthcare professional, an explanation detailing specific circumstances that create an undue burden, or other supporting documentation. The documentation should be clear, and relevant, and provide sufficient information for CMCI to assess the validity of the accommodation request.

Additional Resources:

After the applicant's LRP accommodations request form has been accepted for the exam and the examination fee has been paid, you may contact PSI to schedule your exam. Prefer to go to a test center to take your exam? Find a testing center near you.

For additional questions on CCM or CACM eligibility requirements, please contact CMCI at:

For additional questions on LRP requirements, please contact PSI:

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