Distinguished Service Award

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Selection Guidelines

The CMAA Distinguished Service Award recognizes a service provider member whose consistent actions, with a demonstrated record over a number of years, have made meaningful/extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the CM profession, such as mentoring, advocating, promoting, and selecting professional CMs.


  • Nominees must be a service provider member in good standing.
  • Individuals who have received this award in the past are not eligible.
  • Recipients may not be a serving member of the Association’s Board of Directors or Board of Governors.


Nominations should include:

  • Examples of significant contributions this nominee has made to the practice of construction management and increasing awareness on the value of the CCM designation.
  • Detailed record of meaningful contributions to the advancement of the CM profession through mentoring, advocating, promotion, and selecting professional CMs.
  • Examples of the nominee's involvement with CMAA and carrying out of CMAA's mission.
  • Previous awards or recognitions.

Nominations Process

Individuals cannot nominate themselves, but can be nominated by any CMAA member, chapter, or committee. A written nomination must include a full bio of the person being nominated, specific reasons for the nomination, and a career summary that documents meaningful and extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the CM profession. Nominations must also include references from at least two individuals for a member to be eligible for consideration. We are now accepting nominations, which are due May 17, 2021.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of members of CMAA’s Executive Committee. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Selection Committee will provide CMAA’s Chair and President & CEO with a recommendation. Upon selection, CMAA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen individual will be honored at CMAA2021.

Submit Your Nomination