Leader in Environmental Stewardship

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The CMAA Leader in Environmental Stewardship recognizes industry-leading program and construction management professionals working as individuals, teams, or organizations for the use of best practices in sustainability and resilience to guide and aid owners in defining and meeting objectives for resiliency, sustainability, health and wellness, or environmental stewardship throughout a project’s lifecycle. 


  • Nominated individuals must be a CMAA member in good standing. 

  • If a team is nominated, at least one member of a nominated team must be a CMAA member in good standing. 

  • If an organization is nominated, at least one staff person who was integral to the success of the initiative must be a CMAA member in good standing.  

  • Current members of the CMAA Board of Directors and the CMCI Board of Governors are not eligible. 

  • No individual, team, or organization may receive the award more than once for the same initiative. 


The nominated individual, team, or organization must have demonstrated: 

  • Outstanding leadership in making any of the areas listed above a core tenet of the owner’s definitions for success of the project, program, initiative, or service. 

  • Activities in any one or more of the areas listed above for a particular project or program, a company-wide initiative, a client initiative, or for service to the industry. 

  • The use of innovation or best practices in the areas listed above, which were crucial to the success of the project, program, initiative, or service. 

  • Owner organizational support for implementation of the initiative. 

Nomination Materials 

  • A 1,200-word narrative that describes how the individual, team, or organization meets the criteria. Include a description of the owner’s goals, how problems and solutions were identified and implemented. 

  • Three letters of support: 

  • One from the nominator submitting and supporting the nomination 

  • Two from CMAA members in good standing with knowledge of the nominee, or the owner, or the project or program 

Nominations Process  

Nominations may be submitted by any CMAA member in good standing.  The nominating individual may be representing a group, i.e. CMAA Chapter, but only one nominating individual may be listed.  Nominations must be submitted through the CMAA Individual Awards Portal and may be revised or updated up until 11:59 p.m.  (EDT) on the award submission deadline.  Incomplete submissions, or those not following the submission instructions cannot be included for consideration.  

Selection Process  

The Selection Committee consists of members of CMAA’s Executive Committee. Upon selection, CMAA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen individual will be honored at CMAA’s fall conference.  

Submit Your Nomination