Person of the Year Award

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Selection Guidelines

The Person of the Year Award is given annually to an industry leader who has made significant contributions on behalf of the construction management industry. This industry advocate possesses unparalleled leadership, high quality workmanship, and has an outstanding record of accomplishment.


  • Nominees do not have to be members of CMAA.
  • Award recipients may only receive recognition as Person of the Year once.
  • Recipients may not be a serving member of the Association’s Board of Directors or Board of Governors.


Nominations should include:

  • Significant contributions this nominee has made to the construction industry as they relate to the practice of construction management.
  • Examples of how this nominee has had a positive impact on changing the construction industry.
  • Illustrate the commitment this nominee has given in terms of their time and energy, as well as their lasting effect or legacy, to the construction industry.
  • Examples of significant contributions this nominee has made to the practice of construction management and increasing awareness of the value of the CCM designation.
  • Although not a requirement for this award, if applicable, highlight the nominee's involvement with CMAA and carrying out of CMAA's mission.
  • Previous awards or recognitions.

Nominations Process

  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves, but can be nominated by any CMAA member, chapter, or committee.
  • A written nomination must include a full bio/resume of the person being nominated and a narrative that highlights the specific reasons for the nomination.
  • Nominations should also include references demonstrating a nominee’s justification for the award.
  • We are now accepting nominations, which are due by May 17, 2021.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of members of CMAA’s Executive Committee. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Selection Committee will provide CMAA’s Chair and President & CEO with a recommendation. Upon selection, CMAA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen individual will be honored at CMAA2021.

Submit Your Nomination