Boeing V-22 Osprey Future Factory

2020 CMAA Project Achievement Award
Commercial/Sports/Entertainment/Hospitality: Construction value greater than $50 Million
Boeing V-22 Osprey Future Factory – Historic Production Building Renovation

Owner: Boeing  |  CM: STV

In 2017, Boeing conducted a virtual tour to provide company executives and military leaders a better understanding of its Future Factory concept and its attributes and benefits. This tour helped demonstrate that by renovating the existing building, the company would realize significant cost savings as opposed to constructing a new facility. 

Boeing selected STV as the owner’s construction manager for the renovations and modernization initiatives for combining and expanding the factory envelope, which required moving an existing assembly line for production of new fuselages for the Osprey and creating additional program space to overhaul and extend the life of older V-22’s. STV provided a comprehensive fast-track scheduling approach through carefully orchestrated phased construction. This was communicated directly to the client and military, as well as regulatory, commissioning and contract entities, to attain stringent program goals. Through STV’s collaborative approach, project leaders overcame major logistical phasing, financial and scheduling challenges by simultaneously performing complex construction activities at the job site while aircraft production operations continued unabated under mandated military foreign object and debris-free requirements and sustainability-inspired compliance rules.

STV’s success in managing the V-22 Osprey program – without disruption to Boeing’s existing operations – was attributed to a communication and decision making matrix and project management plan developed early in the program that complimented Boeing’s practices. This management plan facilitated contractor scheduling and budget compliance; developed site logistics plans to manage complex phasing schemes; and prepared monthly earned value reports, slides and other progress reports for Boeing’s review. 

Creative project construction managers working staggered shifts made certain that continuous, open lines of communication and clear documentation were extended to multiple stakeholders around the clock. STV confirmed that time-critical project details and schedule integration were shared with the client, architect/engineers, general contractor/subcontractors, commissioning agent, forecasting scheduler, inspection agencies and all relevant team members.

The overall two-year Future Factory conversion program achieved Boeing’s goals and was completed on schedule and within the anticipated budget, without safety incidents or claims, by virtue of the resolve and planning skills of the project team. Timely communications with all stakeholders was the key.