Dry Creek WWTP Nitrate Reduction Improvements

2020 CMAA Project Achievement Award
Water/Wastewater/Utility: Construction value less than $50 Million
Dry Creek WWTP Nitrate Reduction Improvements and Cogeneration Addition

Owner: City of Roseville, Calif.  |  CM: Brown & Caldwell

During the course of the project, import tariffs of 25-35% became a potential issue. Initially, the City took a firm stance that the tariffs were the Contractor’s responsibility and were covered by the terms of the agreement and the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). The CM worked with the Contractor to incentivize most of the Contractor’s larger fabricators/subcontractors.

Wet weather work restrictions created several critical and near critical paths limitations in the project schedule. To help mitigate the multiple critical paths the CM worked with the Design Engineer to allow staggered approval of submittals affecting critical path work. This allowed the contractor to proceed with procurement of long lead time critical components. The CM also leveraged his role as a trusted advisor to the City to allow work to creep into the wet weather work restriction windows, provided that satisfactory contingency plans were in place.

BC provided the project several unique approaches and innovations to address challenges and develop opportunities. These are described briefly as follows and will be further explained in Part Three. The startup and testing of basins was a critical activity for timely completion. With the critical wet weather work restrictions, it was important that the startup and testing of the basins proceeded smoothly. To do this, the CM enlisted a specialist to review the functional test plans and startup plans well in advance of the startup activities.

The procurement of several equipment packages were critical to timely completion of the project, the CM chaired pre- and post- submittal meetings to facilitate quick review of the submittals and any resubmittals. The CM worked with the Contractor to resequence work activities impacted by delayed material deliveries.

Several complex challenges were also encountered and mitigated during the construction phase by the CM included keeping the treatment plant operational during all phases of construction, resolving defective materials in a timely manner, modifying work sequences to prevent delays, accelerating portions of the work, promoting and administrating web-based document management, managing and implementing finalized design details during construction, coordinating City added improvements to prevent delays in the work.