Riverfront Park US Pavilion

2020 CMAA Project Achievement Award
Commercial/Sports/Entertainment/Hospitality: Construction value less than $50 Million
Riverfront Park U.S. Pavilion

Owner: City of Spokane, Wash.  |  CM: Hill International

Hill International served as owner representative providing PM/CM services from project procurement to project completion. The CM's leadership was instrumental in recommending the project delivery method and managing the procurement and design phases through acceptance of the GMP Amendment. Lorraine’s leadership was responsible for the overall successful management of the project team during the construction and closeout phases; her diligent efforts and team leadership helped overcome many changes and challenges encountered along the way. 

As the highly visible “Crown Jewel” of the Riverfront Park Modernization Program, the renovation of the U.S. Pavilion evolved from a passive, limited-use facility to an active, large-concert venue. Due to the project’s evolving program requirements, the owner’s tendency to request additional project enhancements during construction, and significant unforeseen risks associated with the project site, Matt recognized that Progressive Design-Build (PDB) would be the most appropriate delivery method to address these risks and provide the greatest opportunity to fulfill Parks’ reimagined vision.

Even with the most suitable delivery method, the project still required exceptional construction management from the owner’s representative to address the numerous project challenges. One of the biggest challenges was addressing the programmatic changes that occurred throughout the design and construction phases of the project. Lorraine’s direct leadership style, which focused on clear communication, problem solving, and assigning responsibility, was paramount in overcoming the myriad of project challenges that had the potential to severely impact the project budget and completion time. 

Unforeseen conditions (contaminated soil, rock, and industrial debris) encountered during the Riverfront Modernization Program were also a significant risk to the U.S. Pavilion project. Of prime concern was the cost to remove and dispose of contaminated soil from the park. Hill, in collaboration with Parks’ Program Management Office (PMO), developed a plan to stockpile Park-wide contaminated soils at the north bank project site and reuse them at the U.S. Pavilion project. This saved the significant cost of disposing of contaminated materials at a qualified landfill and the cost of importing new fill.