Wyoming State Capitol Complex Renovation

2020 CMAA Project Achievement Award
Government: Construction value greater than $50 Million
Wyoming State Capitol Complex Renovation

Owner: State of Wyoming  |  CM: MOCA Systems

In 2015, the Wyoming Capitol Square Oversight Group retained MOCA to resolve unrealized expectations and a significant budget overrun threatening the $300 million budget. As the Program Manager and Owner’s Representative, MOCA directed the design and construction teams through the Capitol restoration process and assumed the responsibility for communicating project information. It became evident that several concerns from the stakeholders had to be addressed before the project could move forward.

To clearly delineate each of the stakeholder’s expectations, MOCA worked closely with the State Leadership and the Wyoming Capitol Square Oversight Group to implement Early Project Definition and Alignment (EPD&A). EPD&A is a process that MOCA developed to align the Owner’s qualitative elements with the quantitative elements of the project. This alignment process is used to clearly communicate the Owner’s expectations to the design and construction team. MOCA began by identifying the guiding principles and developing a comprehensive plan for the restructuring of the overall project.

MOCA then crafted the new scope of the project based upon the guiding principles that the Oversight Group identified: Architectural Integrity, Public Access, and Life Safety. Over the course of the next five years, this comprehensive plan became the implementation strategy that delivered this politically charged restoration. Throughout the project, MOCA continued to collaborate with the Wyoming Capitol Square Oversight Group while leading the design and construction teams. The teams worked together to develop designs that aligned with the project principles, guidelines, budget, and scope. The team identified imperatives that were essential to meeting the Owner’s expectations and budget while handling all the challenges. These imperatives ensured that the elements the client cares about most are never sacrificed, regardless of how events unfolded throughout the design and construction.

MOCA followed the project to conclusion as the construction management liaison or trusted advisor to the House, the Senate, the Governor, and the Design and Construction team. Meeting 100% of the client’s qualitative expectations, the project finished within the approved budget, and on July 10, 2019, the Washington State Capitol opened to commemorate Wyoming Statehood Day.