Risk Management Guidelines

106 pages

The Risk Management Guidelines are intended to provide a generic framework to assist a professional construction manager (CM) in addressing risk and lessening the impact of risk events, without limiting the methods and procedures by which a CM may provide those risk management services for a particular project or program. The scope and types of services a CM actually provides to a specific project or program may vary from those described in this publication. Not every project/program will require every service, and a particular project/program may require unique services not listed in this document. Risk management plans are not uniform, and in designing and implementing a risk management plan, a CM will need to consider the specific aspects of the particular project or program. CMAA does not intend that this document be used by courts or others to create contractual or legally enforceable duties or requirements, as such duties and requirements are established by the terms of the CM’s contract and the laws of the jurisdiction in which the CM is practicing. The standard services may change to the extent the provisions of such agreements are modified or altered. Users should exercise independent judgment and may require the advice of legal counsel when deciding which documents are appropriate for a particular project.

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