What's Your Construction Management VQ?

What's Your CM VQ?
Lisa Sachs, CCM, FCMAA, FAIA
CMAA College of Fellows
115 pages

“VQ”  stands  for  Value  Quotient  and  it’s  important to agree on what is meant by value as  it  relates  to  this  discussion.  The  Oxford  English  Dictionary  defines  value  as  simply,  “The regard that something is held to deserve; or  the  importance,  worth,  or  usefulness  of  something.”

There are two reasons the authors of this career guide chose the title What is your Construction Management  VQ  (Value  Quotient)?    It  completes  a  trilogy,  complementing  two  other publications; What is your Construction Management IQ? and What is your Construction Management EQ?  Also, and most importantly, a  career  guide  implies  a  focus  on  an  early  career,  however,  this  document  is  intended  as a guide to benefit a professional CM at any career phase since value is timeless. 

It’s  appropriate  for  us  to  understand  the  concept of value as it relates to Construction Management (CM) for Construction Managers (CMs).  In fact, the fundamental idea behind the creation and growth of the CM industry was that an independent entity could add value to the design and construction process. As CMs, we don’t design or necessarily build anything, but by representing the interests of the  owner,  we  add  value  to  the  ownership,  design, and construction of a project. Day in and day out, as CMs, we strive to bring real value  to  our  clients.    Value  permeates  every  aspect of our working practice.