F21: Critical Path Professionals Program


Full Program

Tuesday, April 13

All Times EDT
10:45  - 11:00 a.m.

Conference Opening & Welcome

11:00 a.m.  - 12:00 p.m.

Live Concurrent Education Sessions

Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA): Financial Management Essentials for the Non-Financial Manager

Discover how to track and interpret the financials throughout the lifecycle of a construction project as well as detailed elements for financial tracking, monitoring, communicating. Learn to adjust as the construction project evolves while carefully balancing budget and forecasting financials. The instructor will provide construction managers with a solid understanding of the essential financial aspects of managing any project to ensure its successful conclusion.


Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA): Selecting and Using an Owner Advisor in Design-Build

With the rapid growth of design-build, the role of the Owner Advisor is becoming increasingly important. Varying Owner needs and the wide-ranging expertise of industry consultants can make it difficult for an Owner to prioritize needed services. DBIA has defined this important role, including feedback from various industry organizations such as CMAA, ACEC, LCI and many others. A panel of industry experts including an Owner, Owner Advisor, Design-Builder and Attorney will discuss how the role of an Owner Advisor in a collaborative design-build environment differs from the same role in a transactional design-bid-build environment. In this session you will review how the role of the Owner Advisor has evolved with the proliferation of collaborative project delivery, learn the expanded skillset required to be an effective Owner Advisor in design-build, discuss the broad array of services ranging from project delivery decision-making, to post-award project execution that Owners may seek from Owner Advisors, as well as understand how a “one team – one goal” mentality can drive success for all.

Praful Kulkarni, AIA- Director of Integrated Services/Principal - Cannon Design
Leofwin Clark - Vice President - Brown and Caldwell
Elizabeth Cousins, JD - Partner - Nossaman LLP
Molly Jones, AIA - President -Jones Design Studio, PLLC

12:15  - 1:15 p.m.

Live Plenary Session & Keynote

Demonstrate Commitment: Taking Safety from the Office to the Frontline

Every member of the organization fulfills a specific function to get the job done, and yet all are expected to be “responsible for safety.” How each person interprets that expectation is largely influenced by what they perceive is most important to their boss. Leaders have a particularly wide scope of influence and accountability, so it is critical that they demonstrate commitment to safety through both words and actions, just as they do for production. It starts with leading by example, but true leadership goes beyond wearing proper PPE and ensuring others do the same. This keynote focuses on tactical activities for all employees to create and sustain a culture of positive safety performance through leadership, communication, training, and recognition. Safety does not just happen – it is built through trust, consistency, and accountability. Audience members will learn how to integrate these principles into their daily routines and performance cycles.

Justin Ganschow - Business Development Manager - Caterpillar Inc.

1:30  - 2:30 p.m.

Sponsor Demos

Join some of the industry's most innovative companies as they share the latest insights into the products, services, and other offerings.

2:45  - 3:45 p.m.

CMAA Forums

Technology | Women in CM | Business Development

CMAA Member Forums are open roundtable discussions with members who share common interests. These frank dialogs allow members to discuss key issues, share ideas, develop relationships, and learn from each other. Please plan on joining the conversation!

4:00   - 5:00 p.m.

Live Concurrent Education Sessions

Building Connections: Constructing Your CM Career During the COVID-19 Crisis

From record-setting career fairs to the COVID crash, construction management students approaching graduation have been on a roller coaster over the past year. Watching internships and job offers disappear in an economic maelstrom. Many are left asking how they can move forward, how they can build relationships online, and how they'll work within teams and project delivery systems during this tumultuous time.   This session will address how you can help develop the CM industry for tomorrow and discuss what it means to be a mentor and how you can help those who recently entered the industry.

Ellyn Lester - Associate Professor - Stevens Institute of Technology


CPM Scheduling and Lean are Peanut Butter and Jelly

Industry professionals have been known to energetically debate the benefits of CPM scheduling over a Lean project management approach, or vice-versa. Just like peanut butter and jelly, the magic happens when they come together. Attendees of this session will explore the considerations when combining CPM scheduling with Lean: Why? Take a deep dive into why CPM, why Lean, and why both might be the best choice. How? Increasingly, CMs should be prepared for project leadership that advocates for (or even requires) both methods on a project. What? Once that decision has been made, what are the next steps? When? Timing is everything, so it is important to understand when to implement on the project level. Who? This is the big question, and the answer is YOU! You are the one who can influence change and make a difference in just how successful a project can be. All you need are the right tools and information to get started.

Benjamin Crosby, CCM - Director of BIM/VDC - Yates Construction

5:15  - 6:15 p.m.


Join your fellow attendees for a gentle, end-of-the-day yoga practice led by Elle Everett, E-RYT 200, RYT 500. Elle believes that yoga is for everybody and that it is not about how deep you go into a pose but rather the integrity of the pose to avoid injuries. Elle will lead the virtual practice from their studio located in the heart of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in a registered Civil War Building.

Wednesday, April 14

All Times EDT
10:00  - 10:15 a.m.

Daily Welcome

10:15   - 11:15 a.m.

Live Concurrent Education Sessions

Construction Owners Association of America (COAA): Small (but Mighty) Projects:  Overcoming Pain Points

Anyone who’s managed a small or minor project knows that they can be as or even more challenging than significant projects. Regardless of how you define small/minor ($100k and under, $1M and under, etc.), these projects often feature the same volume of tasks for the Owner’s PM, but with less time and fewer dollars. They’re often led by a PM overburdened with too many projects to pay proper attention to any of them. Join in on the discussion of a topic that is a front-burner for COAA and its members. We’ll review the findings of a national survey of Owners on small/minor projects, then current strategies for dealing with the top “pain points” revealed by that survey. The goal is for participants to walk away with ideas & strategies to manage or deliver small/minor projects more effectively.

Jason Sutton - Principal Facilities Project Manager - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Loss of Productivity (LOP) Damage Quantification – A review of Project-Specific Methods 

In the tiered approach to LOP damage quantification methods of claim analysis, cost-based methods for assessing LOP damage quantification do not typically establish the presence of a causal relationship between causes and lost productivity. However, project-specific methods rely the most on the cause-and-effect analysis and use contemporaneous, project-specific track records of productivity. As such, project-specific methods are considered the most preferred methods. This presentation reviews the project-specific LOP damage quantification methods and discusses the key considerations necessary to use them. 

Amin Terouhid, PhD, PE - Principal Consultant - Adroit Consultants


American Bar Association (ABA): Seeing the Big Picture: Best Practices for Contracting and Risk Management

A panel of lawyers from the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law will address how you can protect your project with carefully crafted contract requirements and a better understanding of construction insurance.

Claramargaret Groover, Esq. - Becker & Poliakoff
Jeremy Baker, Esq. - Baker Law Group
Mary Kay Moniville, Esq. - Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP
Patrick O'Connor, Esq. - Faegre

11:30 a.m.  - 12:00 p.m.

CMAA Forums

Team Building | Federal Projects | Talent Management

CMAA Member Forums are open roundtable discussions with members who share common interests. These frank dialogs allow members to discuss key issues, share ideas, develop relationships, and learn from each other. Please plan on joining the conversation!

12:15   - 1:15 p.m.

Live Concurrent Education Sessions

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS): Marketing in the Next Normal

What will professional services marketing look like in a post-COVID economy? How will you and your BD team leverage new techniques to keep up with the disruptions from 2020? What skills will you need to keep your firm in the forefront? This program will give you the opportunity to discuss the marketing and business development approaches of the future, and to share your findings at the end. Attendees will learn to use new technologies to elevate their firm’s marketing programs, enhance their skills to stay at the forefront of emerging marketing trends, increase their value to firms, and determine opportunities for self-improvement.


Construction Specifications Institute (CSI): Bringing Order to Construction Information Chaos

The speed of communication and need for timely accurate information to inform all phases of a project has never been greater. Project teams are more complex, design and project software create more efficiency as well as opportunities for miscommunication and corresponding risk or cost overruns. Yet the needed details, such as the scope of work, materials to be used, methods of installation, and quality of workmanship for work to be placed under contract, has not changed. These processes can mean success or failure when it comes to administering and managing resources necessary to ensure the success of the project.

Michael Young - Senior Project Manager - City and County of Denver
Ronald Geren, AIA - Owner - RLGA Technical Services
Mark Dorsey, CAE, FASAE - CEO - Construction Specifications Institute


American Society of Interior Designers (ASID): Unlock your ROI with Interior Designers

Ever question the design intent of a detail, a finish note, or an elevation? Learn how having an Interior Designer on your team will help you minimize questions and maximize your return on investment within the three major design tracks (Design/Bid/Build, Design/Build, and Construction Manager/General Contractor). Hear from success stories and lessons learned that will highlight the importance of streamlined communications and collaboration between all trades allowing for a deeper dive into potential solutions and design value.

Melissa Pribyl - MCG Explore Design

1:30  - 2:30 p.m.

Sponsor Demos

Join some of the industry's most innovative companies as they share the latest insights into the products, services, and other offerings.

2:45   - 3:45 p.m.

Live Concurrent Education Sessions

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF): Innovative Techniques for Avoiding and Resolving Disputes on Complex Projects

Disputes and claims are to be expected and often saddle projects with soaring costs and slowed schedules. Actively managing issues at the project level before they escalate and resolving disputes in real time using a DRB saves time and money for all parties. Learn how project outcomes can be enhanced through a neutral panel of experienced construction professionals who follow the project from the outset to facilitate proactive issue resolution, and how the DRB process fits into your project management structure.

Elizabeth Tippin - President - Tippin Law
Joseph Gildner - Assistant Deputy Director - Sound Transit
Diane Gollhofer - DGR Consultants


Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA): Why Mental Health is Smart Business

Did you know that the construction industry is the most at-risk industry for suicide deaths and has a suicide rate four times more than the national average? To help protect our most precious resource – our people – this session will identify how integrating mental health and suicide prevention by creating a caring culture that can improve safety, health, and community and make a company an employer of choice.

Stuart Binstoclk - President & CEO - Construction Finacial Management Association
Dave Sauerman - Managing Director, Construction & Engineering Division - CIBC Bank USA


Technology Enabled Project Delivery

Over the last decade, the construction industry has been through a rapid pace of technological change. There has been a relentless use of emerging technologies across the job site with the digitization of critical processes and workflows. This session will explore current technology trends in project delivery and discuss the upcoming technologies you need to know about, The panel will report on current technology adoption trends within owner and CM organizations, discuss strategies and successes moving towards VDC enabled project delivery, cloud share technologies and mobile apps that have taken integration to the next level, review how organizations are harnessing reality capture tools to verify field installations, and explore the future of jobsite robotics.

Chitwan Saluja, CMIT - Digital Delivery Manager -Jacobs
Justin Jacobsen, CMIT - Director of Innovation Development - MBP
Stephen DeVito - Senior Building Technology Consultant - Procon Consulting

4:00  - 5:00 p.m.

Community Conversation

Please join the leaders of the CMAA Board of Directors and the CMAA Foundation Board of Directors for a conversation about CMAA’s priorities, activities, and long-range plans.

Agnes Weber, PE, CCM - Senior Vice President - TRC
Brian McCarthy, PE, CCM - Vice President - CDM Smith
Joel Keels, CCM - Vice President - KCI Technologies, Inc. - Bruce Risley, RA, CCM - Senior Vice President - Arcadis

Please note: schedule is subject to change.