ADR Remedies for Disputes that Ail You

ADR remedies

The prompt resolution of claims is more essential than ever for the modern construction project. The speed, frequency, and complexity of changes as well as the conditional availability of project financing have linked project success and efficient claim resolution more closely than they have ever been in the past. By effectively integrating subject matter experts into the Alternative Disputes Resolution process, parties may be able to resolve issues on complex construction projects more quickly and efficiently. This session will explore how the various expert-based approaches to ADR can be tailored to facilitate claims resolution on even the most troubled projects.

To successfully complete this course and receive your continuing education certificate, you must watch the video and complete the post-test with a score of 70% or higher.

Duration: 1 hour | PDHs: 1 | Subscription: 90 days

Presented by: Christopher Brasco, Kathleen Barnes, John Livengood, Kenji Hoshino, and Blake Peck