Bird's Eye View: How Drones Can Improve Construction

Bird's Eye View

Drone technology is rapidly evolving and has dramatically improved the construction industry’s methods of field data collection, inspection, asset management, and data visualization. By embracing the use of drones, CMs can ensure the successful outcome of a project and even save on costs. Recent developments with widely used tools such as survey-grade GPS, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), photogrammetry, high-resolution digital imagery, and mobile data collection are making them easier to use in the field. Discover important details on current and future drone technology, FAA Rules & Regulations, the benefits of drones for cost efficiencies, site photos, inspections, mapping, surveying, real-time remote video streaming, and effective collaboration.

Duration: 1 hour | PDHs: 1 | Subscription: 90 days

Presented by: Rami Abusheikh, CMIT and Brian King