Boeing V-22 Osprey Future Factory Renovation Program

Boeing V-22

If there ever was a case for the concept of re-purposing, re-cycling & adhering to new, economically feasible green initiatives, in the COVID era, the once slated-for-demo, 90+ year-old steel foundry on the banks of the Delaware River being re-purposed and transformed into the “Nest” where the Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft are built (and then return after years of service) is it. Under an ambitious $122 million, multi-phase project supported by STV, Boeing challenged the design build team to move V-22 production lines to the new “Future Factory” within a year under a sequenced construction plan. The future factory concept called for fulfilling the dual purpose of the efficient production of V-22 fuselages for new aircraft while creating new space to rehabilitate and upgrade returning Ospreys, as well as adhering to the new standards for COVID-19 mitigation efforts. As a result, the factory transformation brought all production support resources (material, equipment, & personnel ) for both operations closer to production/renovation lines to enable a leaner assembly environment to enhance workforce collaboration and the refurbished building is uniquely qualified to adhere to the new air quality standards as a result of COVID-19.

Duration: 1 hour | PDHs: 1 | Subscription: 90 days

Presented by: Steve Lis, AIA; Andrew Munter, CCM; Gerald Timothy, PE, CMIT; Gervasio Velazquez; David Wersinger