Construction Changes Resulting From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Construction Changes

Claims are common; worldwide pandemics are not. The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting a situation unlike anything we have ever seen. Unfortunately, there is no simple discussion regarding responsibility and entitlement for delays and overruns as a result of COVID-19. The best we can do in this dynamic and evolving situation is be proactive. Learn which standard construction contract clauses (included in the model General Conditions from AIA, EJCDC, FAR and FWA) that could apply to impacts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn what you should receive from the contractor – and when, see specific examples of impacts reported on our projects, and walk away with some actions to prepare you for reviewing requests for additional time and/or compensation.

Duration: 0.5 hours | PDHs: 0.5 | Subscription: 90 days

Presented by: Thomas Haid, PE, CCM and Catherine Lang, JD, Esq.