The Dusk of PMIS and the Dawn of the Controls Engine

Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, we highlight the significant advantages of the recent advancement of digital data and centralized solutions in the realm of Program Controls. We are clarifying that data alone is no silver bullet and does not provide the maximum insights to decision-makers. This is not only due to the lack of analytic tools but also the lack of data alignment. The integrated solution seeks to glean intelligence from data flexibly and efficiently and translate that into data-driven decisions that enable successful delivery. The main philosophy is to create harmonization for more actionable data. We are shifting away from connecting a variety of systems to create PMIS that relies on individual capabilities to implementing a single source of truth. The Controls Engine relies on data alignment and leverages the wealth of data to ensure successful delivery and realization of benefits. That involves the combination of data throughout the program's lifecycle and cross-functional by tying up contract, project, and program levels. Integrating all aspects of controls enables decisions to be made with a view of the overall picture, not just the traditional aspects of schedule and cost. Duration: 1 hour | PDHs: 1 | Subscription: Members Only Presented by: Osama Abdelfatah

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