Education Responds to Covid-19: Puzzling Out a Post-COVID Facilities Footprint

Education Responds

The abrupt closing of educational facilities was challenging, but reopening parallels climbing Everest without a sherpa! Public education relies on actionable direction from political leaders that may never make it to an operational level. A few influential voices have asked whether classrooms as we have known them are still relevant, positing that they could be replaced by technology. Yet, we are not likely to abandon physical teaching/learning spaces. As practitioners responsible for delivering safe and effective educational environments, we must bring every tool to the table and prepare ourselves for the ascent of new and different requirements. We are collecting compelling, original data and will tease out the relationship of variables that give rise to proposed solutions – as measured by enrollment, budgetary impact, sustainability, and stakeholder adoption. Understanding these relationships will better prepare construction management professionals as both leaders and good stewards of already tight resources.

Duration: 1 hour | PDHs: 1 | Subscription: 90 days

Presented by: Robert Bush