How Innovation Helps Construction Teams Thrive Despite COVID-19

How Innovation Helps

Now more than ever, owners, contractors, engineering firms, and materials suppliers nationwide are finding that using innovative construction technology to capture, interpret, and act on their transportation construction projects without having to physically be in the office is invaluable. Making the switch has allowed them to remain connected and confident about the progress of their inspection programs while still adhering to local safety mandates in response to precautions surrounding COVID-19. Construction managers can log in from home to view project progress; approve, reject, and comment on daily inspection reports; and instantly retrieve past project data as needed. They are given a real-time window into jobsite progress and visual proof of a team’s cooperation in adhering to the work requirements set to keep everyone safe. Photo-based inspection technology allows project inspectors to use software on an iPad to document progress through a simple photo and video capture process that can include on screen annotation and typed details. Once complete, those photo-based observations are available to instantly create and submit daily reports from the field, so they don’t have to visit a trailer or an office to type up their notes at the end of a shift. All of that inspection data is saved securely in the cloud and when needed is easily accessible because the search capabilities in HeadLight are considered best in class for construction software. The “capture once, use many” approach of a photo-based inspection technology allows an agency project team and contractor team to use the same consistent information for their respective purposes. For example, an owner can use the density profile information to spatially map the quality metric across their entire network of roadways for future preservation needs. Or the contractor can track the location of each truckload, where the material was delivered, and correlate that to the lay down density to ensure quality requirements are maintained throughout the job. This not only provides a huge efficiency gain over digging through paper files, but also enables capabilities that were previously impossible in a paper-based world.

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Presented by: Si Katara and Terri Helus