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Since 2020, CMAA has identified a number of public policy issues relevant to the construction management industry, as well as opportunities for CMAA to provide advocacy resources to its members and the industry.

CMAA’s advocacy program seeks to represent the interests of all construction managers (CMs), including public owners by building a grassroots effort among individual members to advance positions that benefit the profession and the industry.

Crucial to the success of this initiative is the CMAA Advocacy Action Center. The Action Center serves as the hub for all activities by enabling you and us to track issues and legislation, and to provide education and tools to support members and Chapter Leaders on grassroots advocacy activities across the country.

The initiative is guided by the CMAA Government Advocacy Committee, which has three areas of interest:  

  1. Identifying and prioritizing issues for CMAA advocacy activities;
  2. Monitoring U.S. jurisdictions for proposed legislation or regulatory activity regarding licensing/registration of construction management; and
  3. Monitoring U.S. jurisdictions for legislation/regulation affecting construction management services to state or local projects.

The Committee uses the CMAA Policy Framework to guide decision-making and position-taking on important topics, legislation, and regulations.

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Visit our Action Center by clicking the button below to find issues CMAA is following, campaigns that we have launched, and bills and legislation we are watching. You can also find all your local and state officials, as well as multiple ways to contact them. And, we would enjoy hearing your advocacy story. Get started below!

Visit the CMAA Advocacy Action Center