Cherokee Health Systems Crisis Stabilization Unit

Morristown, TN
Cherokee Health Systems
Construction Plus, Inc.
$2.4 million

Responding to a State governmental need for facilities to accept patients in an extreme deadline situation, Construction Plus Inc. was engaged to provide CM at risk services to deliver the CSU in 60 days from date of drawing completion. The 5,000 SF facility was designed in a fast track method with collaboration between the construction team and the design team to pre-fabricate the structure off site while the footings were to be poured. The structure was design using structural metal studs for the walls and ceiling/roof trusses. The design included capability for future expansion of a connector and second floor after the original certificate of occupancy was earned.


The CM acted as the central point of communication to coordinate the design and material availabilities, design compliance etc. The site was extremely restrictive and bad soil was an additional hurdle. The CPM schedule was developed with the entire team and was updated almost every day. Work was scheduled for 16 hour days 7 days a week. The CPM schedule originally showed a start date of June 8, 2012 and a completion date of July 27….49 days. The Certificate of occupancy, including the State Health Inspection, was in place, fully completed, on July 27, 2012 and the facility opened immediately.  

I like the approach of the construction manager in which he’s basically working for us. The chemistry is really good. He understands how we think about the project, and I know he’s going to be looking out for our good.

We have very high expectations of the people we work with. The relationship we have, it’s like he’s part of our company. We just feel like it’s that kind of relationship.

We trust him. There are multiple instances in which he has found savings without compromising the value or function of the design. Delivering the CSU in 49 days was almost unbelievable. The methodology they used coordinating the design, materials and the work was a day to day fete of amazement. They really delivered for us.

Jeff Howard


Cherokee Health Systems