Little League Museum Renovations

South Williamsport, PA
Little League International
Quandel Construction Group, Inc. Harrisburg, PA
$1.7 million

Little League International decided to undertake a complete renovation of their Museum, built originally in 1982.  The improvement program involved complete interior demolition and total reprogramming of the museum exhibit space.  Quandel was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk and the Owner presented us with a finite budget and fixed occupancy date.  Teamed with Cambridge Seven Associates, the museum design team leader, the project participants worked collaboratively to control cost, schedule, safety, logistics and the creation of the museum experience.  The demolition and renovations could not commence until after the 2012 Little League World Series and the opening of the improved museum had to be finished, including all interactive exhibits, prior to the start of the 2013 Little League World Series.  The integrated team proved that projects of any size can realize the benefits of effective construction management.


Given the tight schedule constraints and number of parties that had to work within the museum space, Quandel developed several innovative initiatives to deliver the project as required.  We convinced the Owner to allow us to procure the mechanical and electrical disciplines under a design-build arrangement.  This enabled the contractors selected to overlap design and construction of the complete mechanical and electrical systems replacement throughout the Museum.  Additionally, because of the intense effort required to design, fabricate and install exhibits, all of the walls and exhibits were laid out on the floor of the affected areas prior to erection and installation, to allow the museum designers to walk the space to comply with their design intent.  Furthermore, all color selections were made on site, with all surfaces marked accordingly, to deliver the finished museum experience as desired by Little League International.

“Little League Baseball, Incorporated is very pleased to have contracted with Quandel Construction Group for construction management services related to renovation of the Little League museum.  We found the Quandel staff to be well qualified, very professional, and committed to the successful completion of the museum project.  Little League looks forward to working with Quandel in the future on other projects.”

David B. Houseknecht


Little League International