CCMs should use the CCM Renewal Handbook to renew their certification and may choose to login here to create an online transcript of their courses to help keep track of points and certificates.

Certification is an ongoing commitment to professional development that begins with passing the exam. The CMCI Board of Governors believes that all CCMs should be actively involved in, and committed to the CM profession. They have identified two areas for recertification: involvement in the profession and professional development. Recertification of your CCM designation is required once every three years and requires a $200 re-cert fee.

To access the Recertification Tracking Portal, click here.

How do I renew my CCM?

All activities being applied toward CCM recertification must be specifically industry related.  CCM recertification points can be earned anytime from the date appearing on your CCM certificate.  Points may not be carried over from one 3-year period to the next.  

CCMs can keep track of courses, sessions, webinars, or trainings using the online transcript, RecertTrack.  Once a profile is created, CCMs can submit their recertifications using the online transcript. CCMs can also submit the paper Renewal Application found in the CCM Renewal Handbook. 

CCM recertification is based on the maintenance of your registered status each year and the accumulation of points earned through various activities. You need a total of 25 points every 3 years.  Identified areas for point accumulation is located within the CCM Renewal Handbook. 

RP Provider LogoCMCI encourages CCMs to consider courses from CMAA or CCM Recertification Point Providers to meet the professional development requirements necessary to maintain the CCM credential. Renewal Point Providers can easily be identified by the CCM Renewal Point Provider logo.

Renewal Testing Option: 

An individual CCM may elect to renew by paying the CCM exam fee, taking and passing the current CCM exam instead of earning Renewal Points (RPs). Those who fail the exam lose their CCM credential. To regain the CCM, the individual must retake the exam and pass using the current CCM exam retake policies. Renewal through retesting or through RPs must occur by the scheduled renewal date (end of CCM anniversary date) in order to maintain certification status. Those choosing to retake the exam must fill out the exam form and should consider adequate time for scheduling exam appointment and possible retesting prior to renewal date. 

Once a certificant chooses to renew by testing, they must complete the renewal by retesting, as may be required by their expiration to avoid loss of the certification and may not switch to earning RPs. Failure to pass current CCM exam and subsequent retesting per policy will result in the individual being de-certified. 

Loss of Certification

A CCM that has lapsed may recertify by using either the renewal testing option or by submitting the renewal documentation within the lapsed certification period of 120 days from the expiration date of the certification.

CMCI reserves the right to request supporting information from any candidate seeking re-certification.  CCMs who would like to renew a credential that has lapsed for more than 120 days should contact CMCI.