ABET PEV Volunteer

Purpose, goals, and desired outcomes:
To help ensure that undergraduate construction management programs effectively prepare students to enter the industry, CMAA needs the academic and experience-driven evaluations of professional CMs to assess academic programs seeking ABET accreditation.

The training you receive will be valid for three years, during which you may be asked to make a program visit.

Time commitment:
PEV in-person training occurs upon acceptance as a PEV in the spring for two days. If chosen to make a visit, the time commitment is about 6-9 days extended over July-November.

CM Practitioner PEV applicants must be currently certified CCMs or be a member of the College of Fellows. Academic PEV applicants must have a formal education up to the master’s degree level (Ph.D. preferred) and hold an associate or professor rank at their institution with at least 10 years of experience.

Complete online training (12-20 hours) and face-to-face training (1.5 days) through ABET.

Key success measurements:
The Team Chair of a visit will provide feedback through ABET regarding knowledgeability and performance and make recommendations about making future visits or becoming a future Team Chair.

Staff Liaison:
Noelle Borman