Accelerating Innovation: Using Should-Could-Can and Design Thinking

Thursday, June 6
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The pace of change, especially technology, has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Client expectations are also changing rapidly as we transition the workforce to technology and online consumer savvy generations (Millennials and Gen-Z), estimated to constitute more than 75% of the workforce within the next five years. 

Technology is also rapidly changing how we design, manage, build, deploy and maintain structures, from buildings to bridges. Digital twins, robot enabled rebar installation and brick laying, drones equipped with high resolution cameras and scanners, and high-fidelity sensors for ongoing monitoring are but a few technologies to reach mainstream use.

This webinar will provide a framework for accelerating decision making around innovations, including those you may develop internally. Two fundamental techniques (Should-Could-Can and Outside-In) are at the core of this session as we explore Design Thinking and what it means to have a culture of innovation.

About the speakers:

Fred Hencke – Consultant at The Hencke Group, LLC

Fred is a transformational and innovative Management and HR Consultant focused on helping organizations improve business results, implement and operationalize business strategies, and achieve a high performing workforce. Fred has more than 30 years of experience in executive leadership and coaching, business strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, organizational effectiveness, and talent strategy development. His accomplishments include managing the integration and synergies for three large M&A’s, transforming HR for six global organizations, architecting more than 200 outsourcing and shared services solutions, designing and deploying several cloud based solutions, and implementing a ground breaking process manufacturing scheduling system based on complex algorithms, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Tim Juergensen, Ph.D. – CHRO, Executive Consultant/Coach

Tim Juergensen has over 25 years of experience in  Human Resources, Organizational Development and Talent Management. Tim is collaborative and energetic, and his experience includes tenure as an internal senior HR Leader for small, large and global organizations as well as an executive consultant for change management.


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