The Power of Community Award

Selection Guidelines

The Power of Community Award recognizes a project or program team that has demonstrated special engagement with the community on a project requiring special sensitivity or understanding of unique community norms. The winning team will have identified community concerns, demonstrated constructive involvement with the community over time, established strong, reciprocal relationships, and showed compassion and a dedication to open communication.


To be eligible, the nominated team must include at least one CMAA member in good standing. The team involvement with the community should be an integral part of the construction project or program and incorporated into the CM’s work. General community engagement programs (e.g., food drives or monetary donations to local charities) run by the company are not eligible.


The nomination package should include:

  • Why the project or program was considered sensitive. Explain the reasons it was necessary for the team to engage the community to make the project or program successful. It is not necessary for the project or program to be the result of a catastrophic event.
  • How the team became aware of the community’s concerns, and how the team responded to those concerns – both immediately and over time.
  • How the concerns were integrated into the CM work provided by the team.
  • The end result should be positive. Testimonials from involved community members should be included.

Nominations Process

Teams can be nominated by CMAA members, other than by direct members of the team. Other CMAA members employed by organizations represented in the nominated teams can submit nominations. Teams including members of the Board of Directors or Board of Governors cannot be nominated.

The nominations packet must include a brief project description, a high-resolution photo of the team, and the reasons for the nomination which should, at the minimum, address the criteria mentioned above. Nominations are now closed and will reopen in May 2019.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of members of CMAA’s Executive Committee. If an Executive Committee member is employed by an organization that employs members of a nominated team, they will be excused from any and all discussions pertaining to this award. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Selection Committee will provide CMAA’s Chair and President & CEO with a recommendation. Upon selection, CMAA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen team will be honored at CMAA’s National Conference in the fall.