Content Creator Volunteer

Purpose, goals, and desired outcomes:
CMAA is always looking for new content and fresh ideas. Contribute to your industry by writing articles, white papers, and instructional content; creating videos; interviewing industry professionals; providing infographics; and other content as needed.

Ongoing or as needed.

Time commitment:
Varies based on submission deadlines and volunteer’s schedule.

CMAA members or non-members.

Knowledge of the construction management industry. Ability to write or provide content on a variety of topics from all segments of construction/project management, including but not limited to: industry best practices, education, safety, legislation, legal, technology, sustainability, case study projects, contracting, infrastructure, scheduling, and business development.

Key success measurements:
Upon creating content that is both timely and valuable to members and those in the construction management industry, submissions will be shared through MCX distribution, on the CMAA website, or on social media.  

Resources available to complete the project or task:
Your submission will be reviewed by our Communications Department, which is available to provide advice on presentation. Graphics or images can be procured by CMAA, if necessary.

Staff Liaison:
Colleen Fishter