Chapter Performance Subcommittee

Purpose, goals, and desired outcomes:

  • To identify minimum expectations for chapter performance in order to ensure a common, baseline chapter experience for all members; 
  • To develop a system for assessing and evaluating whether and how chapters are meeting minimum expectations;
  • To identify or develop a system for soliciting feedback on members' chapter experiences;
  • To select annual Chapter Achievement Award recipients;
  • To provide advice on staff-managed initiatives for chapter leader education and development.


  • Statement of baseline expectations for members' chapter experience;
  • Revised (as needed) Dashboard Reports and Annual Reports;
  • A system or characteristics of a system for soliciting feedback on members' chapter experiences; 
  • Summary reports on chapter success provided to chapters identifying areas for improvement or growth (due for implementation in 2024).

One year, no term limits.  

Time commitment:
Monthly subcommittee calls (1 hour); participation at Chapter Leaders meetings (twice a year). Availability to review all Annual Reports and serve as judges for the Chapter Achievement Awards (approx. 10 – 12 hours on an annual basis).

CMAA member in good standing.

Having served as a Chapter Leader, preferably as a Chapter President. Have a good understanding of the Association and specifically the needs at the chapter level. CCM preferred.

Committee/task force make up:
One Subcommittee Chair with a total of five members, supported by a Staff Liaison.

Resources available to complete the project or task:
Staff Liaison will work closely with committee members to provide any support needed.

Staff Liaison:
Anne Cunic