Ethical Practices Committee

Purpose, goals, and desired outcomes:

  • To supplement the Professional Development Committee by identifying and prioritizing issues related to professional conduct and ethical practices and identify needs for education programs for members.
  • To perform a periodic review of the Code of Professional Conduct for any changes or revisions based on contemporary practice and/or best practices from industry.


  • Successful launch of new one-day ethics course.

One year; no term limits.

Time commitment:
One conference call per month; up to two face-to-face meetings per year (held in conjunction with a CMAA conference).

CMAA member in good standing.

Knowledge of CMAA and general knowledge of diversity and inclusion initiatives across the industry.  

Key success measurements:
Progress against charge(s); as reported to the board.

Committee/task force make up:
Chaired by a Voting Director; others appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Resources available to complete the project or task:
Resources identified by committee as part of meeting charge.

Staff Liaison:
Andrea S. Rutledge