CCM Exam Review Committee

Purpose, goals, and desired outcomes:
Reviews draft questions submitted by the CCM Exam Writing Committee for the CCM exam and performance of questions from exam data analysis.

One year, no term limits.

Time commitment:
Monthly committee calls (1-2 hours).

CCM in good standing. Committee members are ineligible to serve as instructors for any courses pertaining to CM certification or the CMAA Standards of Practice until one year after their term ends. All committee members must sign a Non-Disclosure and Committee Guidelines Agreement.

Knowledge of CMAA Standards of Practice. Completion of training on exam development best practices is strongly preferred.

Key success measurements:
Committee reviews all questions submitted by the Exam Writing Committee within 12 months.

Resources available to complete the project or task:
Item reviewers are given access to the CMAA Standards of Practice and training on exam development best practices, as well as an Item Writers Guide.

Staff Liaison:
Colin Biddle